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Zeitung is packed with utility

Zeitung offers everything a contemporary sans serif demands. Eight weights with italics, small caps and lots of OpenType features. When you count small caps as separate styles, whole family makes 64 styles. Sure, Zeitung knows the score.

Optical sizes
Zeitung works well in small sizes on screen, and has been specifically designed for that purpose. Zeitung Micro makes sure your small text in interfaces and websites can still be read, while the standard family works better in larger text sizes. The Micro family offers a different design for itchy glyphs, has different proportions due to its larger x-height, and has a wider overall spacing than the standard family. Zeitung Micro will make those small texts just much more legible.

Zeitung Micro
Zeitung Standard
X-height is larger in Zeitung Micro styles

Some glyphs behave fine in bigger as well as smaller sizes. Others, the more complex glyphs, are troublemakers in small sizes. Those glyphs have been redesigned for the Micro family.

Size has influence to a construction of more complex glyphs

The image above shows the regular ampersand on its left, while the ampersand on the right, with its opened up shapes, suits better for very small sizes.

Zeitung allows you to change the weight of your text without any further consequence for the design

All lighter weights share the same metrics. This can be very handy for selecting the optimal weight, especially on screens. The way letters are displayed on screen can vary a lot between different circumstances. Maybe the interface of your next app requires a different grade of the text than your latest website? Zeitung allows you to change the weight of your text without any further consequence for the design. Those who have been there know that during the design process this can be a welcome relief.

If the handful of styles of Zeitung’s retail font family are not sufficient to select exactly that right weight, then Zeitung Flex offers dozens of extra weights. Demanding users can compare each of them, and will find their preferred grade.

Zeitung Flex brings unlimited styles all over the print and web

Zeitung Flex
Zeitung Flex™ allows demanding users to work with more than just those predefined styles of Zeitung’s retail font family. You can enjoy an array of almost endless amount of weights, smoothly blending from Thin to Black. Select and use any intermediate style, either one at a time, or all mixed simultaneously. This freedom offers new creative possibilities, no matter if you’re designing for print or web.

Zeitung Flex™ is served both as the brand new OpenType variable font format, but also as a Flex™ family with its own CC-extension. A good aspect is that these Flex fonts are not just supported by the most recent browser, but also by all those older browsers. Zeitung Flex brings unlimited styles all over the web. In the future, and also already today. A better aspect is that they also work in your favourite desktop apps. Zeitung Flex™ package is not sold online at Type Network, but can be achieved on request. Please review Zeitung Flex™ at www.underware.nl.